Gamo P-27 Duel Air Pistol

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The Gamo 4.5mm P-27 Dual Air Pistol is a  semiautomatic CO2 pistol that offers presision, versatility, durability and safety. It features a compact and lightweight frame that makes it easily manageable, as well as a polymer grip and frame with matte-black finish. It incorporates rail below the barrel to install the accessories you want and is compatible with pellets and Steel BB’s.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Magazine of 16 shoots (8×2)
  • Dual Fuel, pellets and Steel BB’s
  • Polymer grip and frame with matte-black finish
  • Length: 18cm(7,09 in)
    Weight: 690g(1,52 lb)
    Velocity: 131m/s(430 fps)
    Capacity: 8×2