Norica Spider GRS Air Rifle

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Thanks to the work done in the R & D department of Norica, has managed to integrate the pneumatic system GRS (Gas Ram System) replacing the spring, dramatically improving our products.
The advantages of the innovative GRS system:
– Less vibration: Having no spring vibrations caused by the oscillations produced by the spring to relax once you shoot away.
– Better load: The absence of friction spring, it is charging more evenly.
– Increased accuracy: The disappearance vibrations caused by the spring allows the shooter greater shooting accuracy.
– Constant power shot: The disappearance spring friction and wear caused by the shots in the spring, constant power shot is achieved.
– Longer life: Being a pneumatic system lifetime is superior to that of any spring.

• Anti-shock and ambidextrous fiber stock
• Ventilated rubber butt plate
• Checkering in pistol grip and forehand
• Automatic safety
• Fiber optic rear and front sight
• Cocking effort reduction

Caliber (mm (inch)) Weight (Kg) Barrel length (mm) Total length (mm) Speed (m/s) Energy (J) *
4,5 (.177) 3 484 1.170 330 24