TK S2 Plus Hockey Stick

R2,299.00 R1,599.00 inc. Vat

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  • TK Synergy range uses nano technology and reactive liquid polymers
  • The Synergy range performs again and again, a staple of the TK range
  • Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement creates incredible rigidity
  • Nano-technology raises the game with specific carbon nano tube configuration
  • Integrated Damping System uses ceramic fibres to dissipate impact energy as heat not vibration
  • Sheepfoot Compression Moulding removes all micro-bubbles to maximise strength
  • Carbide Diffusion Technology creates an incredible strong, abrasion resistant head
  • 25mm Late Bow, enhanced for drag flicking
  • Construction: Carbon 70%. Aramid 10%, Fibreglass 20%